29 May 2009

On The "Last Train To Brokesville"

"Last Train To Brokesville" courtesy of the Mike Church Show Band and Founding Father's Film.


28 May 2009

Constitutional Eligibility Still Cause For Concern

Robert Gibbs laughs at reporter and over 400,000 people who want to know that the President is actually a natural born citizen and therefore Constitutionally eligible to be serving in office. There is much speculation over the birth certificate that Obama released as being inaccurate. The long form, which would do away with any questions, has been requested but never presented.



20 May 2009

Cali Voters Say No To Libonomics

For once, liberal agenda in California failed miserably. Already experiencing tax hikes on everything in the state, voters said no to paying higher taxes. The rejection of this proposal now forces the California legislature to figure out a different strategy for fixing its economic woes. Instead of following the liberal model of tax and spend, they will have to cut budgets and become fiscally responsible.

Now, maybe, the rest of the country will get the picture.


14 May 2009

Reap What You Sow

Speaker Of The House Nancy Pelosi has made her bed and now has to lie in it. She has spun a web of lies and can't seem to find her way out. Today, she held a press conference to accuse the CIA of lying to Congress about the use of enhanced interrogation techniques. Her stories get better each day.

Madam Speaker, who is the one lying?

Video of her shakey, stuttering account of the CIA lies:

Karl Rove: Nancy Pelosi was an accomplice to 'torture.'

08 May 2009

Nancy Nancy Nancy

Speaker Pelosi has led the crusade against torture. She has done so ever since it was convenient to do so. She has acted disgusted that the Bush administration used enhanced interrogation techniques, now labled torture by leftists. She has said that she did not know these methods were being deployed.

Just last week, she stood firmly and claimed that she was briefed that enhanced interrogation existed but that she did not know it would be used. Really? Are citizens supposed to believe that The Speaker was told about a hypothetical situation that would never, ever be used? Or, are we supposed to believe that we have someone speaking out of both sides of their mouths?

Intelligence memorandums paint a much different story than Pelosi does. They clearly state that she did know. Pelosi, a member of the Intelligence Committee at the time, says that she did not know that these methods would be used. She has though, finally admitted that she was told that things like waterboarding were ways that could possibly be used to extract information. In other words, Pelosi would have us believe that she was briefed about something that was not going on but might go on but would not go on. Yeah, I'm confused too.

Here is video of her last week. Notice how defensive she is and how she says that she does not talk about what goes on in intelligence meetings but proceeds to talk about what goes on in intelligence meetings.


07 May 2009

Line By Line With A Scalpel

In light of the spending spree Washington has been on, there is good news. Many campaign promises have been broken but one is being kept. Well, sort of.

On the trail, Mr. Obama vigilantly stated that he would go through the budget, line by line. He swore to cut waste and get the government back on track. It was the Hope and Change voters wanted.

Many have been scratching their heads since the new administration took the helm. Now they can see clearly. The President has decided to pull his scalpel out and cut the budget. $17 billion worth. The leftist will praise this President for being so thrifty. Truth be told, it needs to be done.

But, is 1/2 of 1% of the budget really doing anything or is it all just an attempt to divert our attention?


06 May 2009

Environmentalists Find New Way To Attack Navy

Inflatable rafts and paint cans have become outdated artillery in the war against the U.S. Navy. The days of blocking warships by crazy environmentalists just may be over. Instead of manning fire hoses, the Navy now has to lawyer up to protect itself from the radical left.

When the Supreme Court goes back in session, they will be hearing a case that the Navy violated environmental laws with its sonar training program. The Navy was charged with conducting preparedness training exercises without the proper environmental approvals. The operations were deemed absolutely necessary to make sure the Navy was ready to perform its job.

If you read the environmental sights, you will see a common theme of how terrible sonar is. According to them, many marine mammals die from the operations the Navy conducts off the coast of Southern California. Sounds unfortunate but is misleading. Actually, the animals are normally only temporarily stunned. Most just turn and swim the other way. There has been no factual information that the training exercises kill numerous marine mammals. The Navy actually goes to great pains to ensure the animals are as safe as possible.

In other words, some wackos out there believe that fish swimming in another direction is more outrageous than our military being able to protect us.

Supreme Court Oral Arguments

03 May 2009

American Patriot Jack Kemp Dies

Our hearts go out to the family and friends of Jack Kemp. The former Congressman, Vice Presidential Nominee and professional quarterback passed away after an illness. He was a patriot and a great conservative political figure.

Link to story: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,518721,00.html

01 May 2009

Number Crunching

Numbers, numbers and more numbers. We sure have been hearing a lot about numbers these days. Everything from how much debt we are racking up to what amount we threw away on saving companies that went bankrupt anyway.

Here's a number for you to ponder...


What could it be?

Daily national debt? Nope. The number of times Gibbs has said "uh" or "um" since becoming Press Secretary? Nope. Amount of hair plugs in Biden's head? Nope. Number of illegal aliens running freely across the border with Swine Flu? Nope. Pixels in the teleprompter that is running the country? Nope. Nope, not the number of gallons of fuel Air Force One has burned on joy rides for campaign contributors either.

It is though, the number of rounds of ammunition that were sold in the month before the new President was sworn into office. If that does not tell you something, nothing will.

World Net Daily: Guns Bought This Year Could Outfit 2 Armies

He Has His Hands Full

Man has long been perplexed by the opposite sex and their affinity for footwear. Many years ago a closet was a closet. Now, a closet is its own room. Shoes are to blame. The trend has shifted slightly but has always stayed focused on one goal. She who hath the most amount and the most expensive shoes wins.

It should come at no great surprise that the First Lady would buy into this gender specific orientation. It was probably coded into her genetics and passed down from mother to daughter. So be it. If you can afford to throw money at shoes, go for it.

Unfortunately though, there really should be some sort of protocol for wearing a $540 pair of sneakers while volunteering at a food bank. Yes she did. Between Joe Biden and Michelle Obama, the President really has his hands full.