06 May 2009

Environmentalists Find New Way To Attack Navy

Inflatable rafts and paint cans have become outdated artillery in the war against the U.S. Navy. The days of blocking warships by crazy environmentalists just may be over. Instead of manning fire hoses, the Navy now has to lawyer up to protect itself from the radical left.

When the Supreme Court goes back in session, they will be hearing a case that the Navy violated environmental laws with its sonar training program. The Navy was charged with conducting preparedness training exercises without the proper environmental approvals. The operations were deemed absolutely necessary to make sure the Navy was ready to perform its job.

If you read the environmental sights, you will see a common theme of how terrible sonar is. According to them, many marine mammals die from the operations the Navy conducts off the coast of Southern California. Sounds unfortunate but is misleading. Actually, the animals are normally only temporarily stunned. Most just turn and swim the other way. There has been no factual information that the training exercises kill numerous marine mammals. The Navy actually goes to great pains to ensure the animals are as safe as possible.

In other words, some wackos out there believe that fish swimming in another direction is more outrageous than our military being able to protect us.

Supreme Court Oral Arguments

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