08 May 2009

Nancy Nancy Nancy

Speaker Pelosi has led the crusade against torture. She has done so ever since it was convenient to do so. She has acted disgusted that the Bush administration used enhanced interrogation techniques, now labled torture by leftists. She has said that she did not know these methods were being deployed.

Just last week, she stood firmly and claimed that she was briefed that enhanced interrogation existed but that she did not know it would be used. Really? Are citizens supposed to believe that The Speaker was told about a hypothetical situation that would never, ever be used? Or, are we supposed to believe that we have someone speaking out of both sides of their mouths?

Intelligence memorandums paint a much different story than Pelosi does. They clearly state that she did know. Pelosi, a member of the Intelligence Committee at the time, says that she did not know that these methods would be used. She has though, finally admitted that she was told that things like waterboarding were ways that could possibly be used to extract information. In other words, Pelosi would have us believe that she was briefed about something that was not going on but might go on but would not go on. Yeah, I'm confused too.

Here is video of her last week. Notice how defensive she is and how she says that she does not talk about what goes on in intelligence meetings but proceeds to talk about what goes on in intelligence meetings.


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