01 May 2009

Number Crunching

Numbers, numbers and more numbers. We sure have been hearing a lot about numbers these days. Everything from how much debt we are racking up to what amount we threw away on saving companies that went bankrupt anyway.

Here's a number for you to ponder...


What could it be?

Daily national debt? Nope. The number of times Gibbs has said "uh" or "um" since becoming Press Secretary? Nope. Amount of hair plugs in Biden's head? Nope. Number of illegal aliens running freely across the border with Swine Flu? Nope. Pixels in the teleprompter that is running the country? Nope. Nope, not the number of gallons of fuel Air Force One has burned on joy rides for campaign contributors either.

It is though, the number of rounds of ammunition that were sold in the month before the new President was sworn into office. If that does not tell you something, nothing will.

World Net Daily: Guns Bought This Year Could Outfit 2 Armies

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