30 June 2009

Admitted Comedian Joining Closeted Ones

Franken Heads to Senate, Bolsters Democrats' Hand

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Calling Chris Dodd

Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd

Dump Chris Dodd

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RNC Ad: Media Darling

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29 June 2009

Cap, Trade, Tax and Tax Some More

Cap and trade is on the way to the Senate. There are some serious concerns about this proposed massive tax.

Watch Rep. Boehner explain why...

The Hill: The lawmakers who helped push the climate bill to passage

House Minority Leader calls "climate" bill exactly what it is.

EPA may have suppressed report vital to climate bill

RNC Weekly Trunk: Bureaucratic Nightmare

TheDailySoupSandwich comments to a misguided liberal on Right Pundits:
Klo your argument is old and we are all aware of the liberal playbook you stole it from. The answer to everything is not “well, we gotta do something” and then rush legislation through as fast as you can in the middle of the night (or on a Friday nonetheless). Anyone with any common sense would realize that we need to research things before we just implement them. The same champion of this legislation to save the World, has a monthly electric bill 3xs the average annual bill in Tennessee and flies around in the least fuel efficient private jet in its class. I also noticed that he hasn’t painted his roof white yet either.

The suppression of any information by the EPA should be labeled as a criminal act. All the facts should have been put on the table. Congress should have time to read the bill. We should all have a chance to know what it is. And what it is…a massive tax on whatever the government deems it needs to tax. This isn’t about saving the planet. It is about the government taking control of yet, another aspect of our lives.

If you think for one second that every business that sees an increase in taxes from carbon dioxide emissions isn’t going to pass that increase onto consumers…you are sadly misguided. Just read your utility bill and you will see that.

WSJ: The Cap And Tax Fiction

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14 June 2009

Biden Says 'Everyone Guessed Wrong' on Unemployment Numbers - Political News - FOXNews.com

Biden Says 'Everyone Guessed Wrong' on Unemployment Numbers - Political News - FOXNews.com

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Getting Caught With Their Hands In The Health Care Cookie Jar

If it were a television show, American politics would most likely fall under the classification of daytime soap opera. It would be a stretch of the truth and a distance from reality. Unfortunately, it is often unbelievable but actually real.

It should come as no surprise that the corruption in Washington is running rampant right now. This happens when politicians are under the false premise of not having accountability and living without checks and balances. Fortunately, the people tend to shift towards a rebellion against this and vote those clowns out.

The Associated Press has identified that there are Senators with their hands in the health care cookie jar (see link below). In 2010, voters will have the chance to slap those hands.

Key health care senators have industry ties By LARRY MARGASAK and SHARON THEIMER, Associated Press Writers Larry Margasak And Sharon Theimer, Associated Press Writers – Fri Jun 12, 7:06 pm ET

Dodd responds to the ties

11 June 2009

Suggestion To The GOP

Today's GOP survey...

19. I would like Republicans to better lead on domestic policy by...

The answer:
Standing united and standing up for core principles. For years, Republicans have played into the hands of democratic strategies. Instead of being on the offensive, Republicans are constantly forced to be on the defensive. The playbook of the left is clear and there needs to be a new plan to counter it. Great defenses don't win championships by being on the field more than their offense. It is time for Republicans to brand themselves and stop allowing the left to do it for them.

Although this doesn't directly answer the question, it summarizes what the objective should be.

Cheaper When Dead

Murder by Bureacracy by Peter Ferrara on The American Spectator

The Economic Case For Health Care Reform

Nothings Ever Free

09 June 2009

Nothings Ever Free

Today, on The Mike Church Show (Sirius Patriot Ch. 144), Mike Church asked how a company can be in business if they are giving their products away for free? There is a simple answer...nothing is ever free. That is particularly true when the government gets involved.

Mike was talking about the commercials on television for The SCOOTER Store...

Mike Church was wondering how a company can make money if it is giving its products away for free. The ad claims that you can get a scooter for free. As with anything labeled "free", there is a catch. First, Medicare or your insurance or a combination of both will be hounded to provide a scooter for you. The SCOOTER Store guarantees that even if those methods to obtain a free chair for you don't work, they will provide you with one at no charge. They say that "With 96% of our claims approved by Medicare" that the odds are in favor of someone else picking up the tab. (The SCOOTER Store Guaranteed Freedom Program)

In other words, you don't just get a free scooter. Someone, somewhere is going to pay for it. It is kind of like the majority of voters in the last election thinking that they were getting free health care for all after falling for a misleading commercial.

The left has been pushing the health care agenda for years. Typically, liberal leaning thinkers are suckered by their emotions. Everyone should have health care and you would be pretty evil to think someone should not. Rationally though, you have to ask yourself how that is going to work. One thing Democrats failed to mention during the election was exactly how that was going to be paid for.

Sure, they demonized wealthy people and businesses. Joe Biden also said that it was time for rich people to "be patriotic". The speculation from Republicans was who exactly was going to fall under the classification as rich. Originally, candidates Obama and Biden picked the income level of $250k or more. Several times though, that number fluctuated drastically.

As the AP is reporting, Democrats have come out of hiding on who these rich people will be. It looks like anyone that can afford health benefits may actually be "rich"...

AP Sources: House Dems consider taxing benefits By DAVID ESPO

The Washington Post: President Pivots on Taxing Benefits By Ceci Connolly

According to the above AP article, those with health benefits may be looking at being taxed on those benefits. This was something that President Obama relentlessly attacked Senator McCain as looking to do. Something that Obama labeled as being done for the first time ever. The reality was that McCain's plan was misrepresented and actually put more money in the pockets of insurance payers.

On top of Democrats looking to tax your benefits for the first time ever as income, it looks like they will force everyone into the government plan...

AP sources: House Dems favor insurance requirement

So, it holds true that Nothings Ever Free...

Commentary: Can U.S. afford trillion more in debt?

Recent elections have shown that Europe is moving away from socialized medicine, while The U.S. is moving towards it. Americans have shifted from the rationalization of freedom and choice to the emotions of free and fair. The balance of power has changed and the next election cycle may very well decide if we go down a path we may never be able to recover from.

TheDailySoupSandwich, Jun. 9, 2009

08 June 2009

TOTUS Comes Out Of The Closet...Sort Of

Congratulations to TOTUS for hitting the national stage today. If you haven't checked out this blog, you have been missing out.

Barack Obama's Teleprompter's Blog

05 June 2009

Ron Paul's HR1207

Ron Paul has been laughed at for his outlandish ideas. He has been shrugged off as crazy. His claims have been scoffed at and the subject of jokes.

But, was Ron Paul actually right?

You can certainly make the argument that his "predictions" have come to fruition. He is a Constitutionalist and believes the Federal Government has too much control, has grown too big and is infringing on the rights granted to us by our founding fathers.

Now, he has introduced HR 1207. HR 1207 is a bill that would make the Federal Reserve more transparent. His claim is that the Fed is responsible for the current economic crisis. The Fed has manipulated the currency, meddled in interest rates and distributed money to places no one seems to be able to account for. Ron Paul has wanted to abolish the Federal Reserve and this just might be the beginning.

Support is growing for HR 1207 and bipartisan support at that. Maybe it is time to start listening to Ron Paul?

Campaign For Liberty

Ron Paul

HR 1207

The Hypocrisy Of Politicking

Politics is a funny business. What goes around, usually comes around. What is interesting isn't that this is the case, it is how it is spun to perceive a different case.

In 2002, Democrats destroyed the nomination of a Republican to the U.S. Court of Appeals. The filibuster of Miguel Estrada was monumental and historic. He would have been a stepping stone away from becoming the first Hispanic nominated to the Supreme Court. Now, those same Democrats are riding the bandwagon of being responsible for nominating the first Hispanic to the Supreme Court. They are also attacking any Republican who threatens to block that nomination. Can you say hypocritical?

Although it is from a left perspective, here is a link to commentary that sheds some light on the subject.

04 June 2009

Organizing For A New World Order

Today, President Barrack Hussein Obama addressed the Muslim World. He did so quoting the Koran, emphasizing his middle name and using an Islamic greeting.

During the campaign, candidate Obama distanced himself as much as possible from his Muslim background. He even played up a claim that his grandmother was a Christian. The same grandmother that is currently planning a trip to Mecca, something that is forbidden to Christians. (Robert Spencer claimed on The Wilkow Majority. SiriusXM. Patriot Channel 144. 4 Jun. 2009.).

During the campaign, anyone that mentioned Obama's middle name was demonized and attacked. It was a forbidden word that his opponent would not mention. Obama himself would not even say it, addressing it as having a "funny name".

Since the Inauguration, the President's middle name is no longer off limits. Today, it was being used to encourage a group of people and validate who a man was trying to be.

The President has brought his community organizing tactics to the World stage. Saul Alinsky would be proud of him. The question is, will the history behind these Muslim states change under these methods or will it ignite into something far worse than we have ever seen. Unfortunately, it looks like we will have to wait around to find out.

Did President Obama validate Al Qaeda's propaganda machine?...

FrontPage Magazine's Robert Spencer

Link to article about Obama's grandmother going to Mecca

Text of speech

Obama Doctrine

CNN Commentary

03 June 2009

The Young Cons

Conservative rap is taking the country by storm. As of today, this video has had over 285,000 viewers on YouTube. Check it out...

The Young Cons

01 June 2009

London Calling But Washington Not Answering

UK putting things into perspective...


President Forms Government Motors

General Motors became Government Motors today. Despite billions of dollars taxpayers shelled out to save the UAW, oops typo-correction GM, the company went bankrupt and will now restructure.

Why did we not do this from the beginning? What happened to the emergency bail out because GM was too big to fail?