29 June 2009

Cap, Trade, Tax and Tax Some More

Cap and trade is on the way to the Senate. There are some serious concerns about this proposed massive tax.

Watch Rep. Boehner explain why...

The Hill: The lawmakers who helped push the climate bill to passage

House Minority Leader calls "climate" bill exactly what it is.

EPA may have suppressed report vital to climate bill

RNC Weekly Trunk: Bureaucratic Nightmare

TheDailySoupSandwich comments to a misguided liberal on Right Pundits:
Klo your argument is old and we are all aware of the liberal playbook you stole it from. The answer to everything is not “well, we gotta do something” and then rush legislation through as fast as you can in the middle of the night (or on a Friday nonetheless). Anyone with any common sense would realize that we need to research things before we just implement them. The same champion of this legislation to save the World, has a monthly electric bill 3xs the average annual bill in Tennessee and flies around in the least fuel efficient private jet in its class. I also noticed that he hasn’t painted his roof white yet either.

The suppression of any information by the EPA should be labeled as a criminal act. All the facts should have been put on the table. Congress should have time to read the bill. We should all have a chance to know what it is. And what it is…a massive tax on whatever the government deems it needs to tax. This isn’t about saving the planet. It is about the government taking control of yet, another aspect of our lives.

If you think for one second that every business that sees an increase in taxes from carbon dioxide emissions isn’t going to pass that increase onto consumers…you are sadly misguided. Just read your utility bill and you will see that.

WSJ: The Cap And Tax Fiction

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