04 June 2009

Organizing For A New World Order

Today, President Barrack Hussein Obama addressed the Muslim World. He did so quoting the Koran, emphasizing his middle name and using an Islamic greeting.

During the campaign, candidate Obama distanced himself as much as possible from his Muslim background. He even played up a claim that his grandmother was a Christian. The same grandmother that is currently planning a trip to Mecca, something that is forbidden to Christians. (Robert Spencer claimed on The Wilkow Majority. SiriusXM. Patriot Channel 144. 4 Jun. 2009.).

During the campaign, anyone that mentioned Obama's middle name was demonized and attacked. It was a forbidden word that his opponent would not mention. Obama himself would not even say it, addressing it as having a "funny name".

Since the Inauguration, the President's middle name is no longer off limits. Today, it was being used to encourage a group of people and validate who a man was trying to be.

The President has brought his community organizing tactics to the World stage. Saul Alinsky would be proud of him. The question is, will the history behind these Muslim states change under these methods or will it ignite into something far worse than we have ever seen. Unfortunately, it looks like we will have to wait around to find out.

Did President Obama validate Al Qaeda's propaganda machine?...

FrontPage Magazine's Robert Spencer

Link to article about Obama's grandmother going to Mecca

Text of speech

Obama Doctrine

CNN Commentary

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