09 June 2009

Nothings Ever Free

Today, on The Mike Church Show (Sirius Patriot Ch. 144), Mike Church asked how a company can be in business if they are giving their products away for free? There is a simple answer...nothing is ever free. That is particularly true when the government gets involved.

Mike was talking about the commercials on television for The SCOOTER Store...

Mike Church was wondering how a company can make money if it is giving its products away for free. The ad claims that you can get a scooter for free. As with anything labeled "free", there is a catch. First, Medicare or your insurance or a combination of both will be hounded to provide a scooter for you. The SCOOTER Store guarantees that even if those methods to obtain a free chair for you don't work, they will provide you with one at no charge. They say that "With 96% of our claims approved by Medicare" that the odds are in favor of someone else picking up the tab. (The SCOOTER Store Guaranteed Freedom Program)

In other words, you don't just get a free scooter. Someone, somewhere is going to pay for it. It is kind of like the majority of voters in the last election thinking that they were getting free health care for all after falling for a misleading commercial.

The left has been pushing the health care agenda for years. Typically, liberal leaning thinkers are suckered by their emotions. Everyone should have health care and you would be pretty evil to think someone should not. Rationally though, you have to ask yourself how that is going to work. One thing Democrats failed to mention during the election was exactly how that was going to be paid for.

Sure, they demonized wealthy people and businesses. Joe Biden also said that it was time for rich people to "be patriotic". The speculation from Republicans was who exactly was going to fall under the classification as rich. Originally, candidates Obama and Biden picked the income level of $250k or more. Several times though, that number fluctuated drastically.

As the AP is reporting, Democrats have come out of hiding on who these rich people will be. It looks like anyone that can afford health benefits may actually be "rich"...

AP Sources: House Dems consider taxing benefits By DAVID ESPO

The Washington Post: President Pivots on Taxing Benefits By Ceci Connolly

According to the above AP article, those with health benefits may be looking at being taxed on those benefits. This was something that President Obama relentlessly attacked Senator McCain as looking to do. Something that Obama labeled as being done for the first time ever. The reality was that McCain's plan was misrepresented and actually put more money in the pockets of insurance payers.

On top of Democrats looking to tax your benefits for the first time ever as income, it looks like they will force everyone into the government plan...

AP sources: House Dems favor insurance requirement

So, it holds true that Nothings Ever Free...

Commentary: Can U.S. afford trillion more in debt?

Recent elections have shown that Europe is moving away from socialized medicine, while The U.S. is moving towards it. Americans have shifted from the rationalization of freedom and choice to the emotions of free and fair. The balance of power has changed and the next election cycle may very well decide if we go down a path we may never be able to recover from.

TheDailySoupSandwich, Jun. 9, 2009

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