14 June 2009

Getting Caught With Their Hands In The Health Care Cookie Jar

If it were a television show, American politics would most likely fall under the classification of daytime soap opera. It would be a stretch of the truth and a distance from reality. Unfortunately, it is often unbelievable but actually real.

It should come as no surprise that the corruption in Washington is running rampant right now. This happens when politicians are under the false premise of not having accountability and living without checks and balances. Fortunately, the people tend to shift towards a rebellion against this and vote those clowns out.

The Associated Press has identified that there are Senators with their hands in the health care cookie jar (see link below). In 2010, voters will have the chance to slap those hands.

Key health care senators have industry ties By LARRY MARGASAK and SHARON THEIMER, Associated Press Writers Larry Margasak And Sharon Theimer, Associated Press Writers – Fri Jun 12, 7:06 pm ET

Dodd responds to the ties

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