05 June 2009

Ron Paul's HR1207

Ron Paul has been laughed at for his outlandish ideas. He has been shrugged off as crazy. His claims have been scoffed at and the subject of jokes.

But, was Ron Paul actually right?

You can certainly make the argument that his "predictions" have come to fruition. He is a Constitutionalist and believes the Federal Government has too much control, has grown too big and is infringing on the rights granted to us by our founding fathers.

Now, he has introduced HR 1207. HR 1207 is a bill that would make the Federal Reserve more transparent. His claim is that the Fed is responsible for the current economic crisis. The Fed has manipulated the currency, meddled in interest rates and distributed money to places no one seems to be able to account for. Ron Paul has wanted to abolish the Federal Reserve and this just might be the beginning.

Support is growing for HR 1207 and bipartisan support at that. Maybe it is time to start listening to Ron Paul?

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Ron Paul

HR 1207

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