22 April 2009

Backdoor Effort Launched To Attack Constitution

The attack on the Second Amendment is nothing new. The need for the NRA to exist should make this obviously clear. The fact that there has to be an organization established with the sole purpose of protecting a Constitutional Right should be of grave concern to everyone.

Currently, there are several backdoor efforts to mask what the real agendas are. The mission is to limit the right to bear arms. That should be clear. The President is obviously listening to the far left and looking for an avenue to appease them. This could be anything from requiring licenses for reloading ammunition to so-called assault weapon bans. Don't think for one second that it will stop there though.

A fellow blogger reports that there may be another calculated attack on the horizon to limit our right to bear arms. These efforts all have the same agenda.

WorldNetDaily names President Obama as ammunition salesman of the year. Read this article to find out why.

Link to Obama's inconsistencies on the Second Amendment as reported in The Wall Street Journal last April.

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