20 April 2009

President Obama Delayed Rescue Of Captain Phillips

Credit is due where credit is due. The Navy, The SEALS and Captain Phillips deserve all the credit in the World. The President and his Administration are due a different kind of credit. For a President that has been all about claiming credit for every and anything, it is an oddity that he has chosen to distance himself from the rescue of Captain Phillips. Now, we find out why...


TheDailySoupSandwich article Commendation of the USNavy for the Maersk Alabama understated just how much praise the Navy was due. According to the reports from WorldNetDaily.com, POTUS delayed the rescue and jeopardized numerous lives in doing so. The Navy and Captain Phillips were hung out to dry at the expense of the President's radical ideals. For those of you who were wondering why there seemed to be nothing done to help Captain Phillips in his first escape attempt, you now know how the Navy's hands were tied. Political agendas are one thing, the lives of our defenders are a-whole-nother story.

Update: 4/23/09:

Here is a link to a forum with a posting that claims to be from a reliable source with inside information on the topic.

Here is the link to The Washington Times article on the delay.

If you read both, you can put two and two together.-TheDailySoupSandwich

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