30 April 2009


Mary Katharine Ham appeared on The O'Reilly Factor last night. She is a republican blogger and mentioned an underground term that has received zero mainstream attention thus far. She did so with a smirk that indicates her amusement and familiarity on the topic.

Ann Coulter was on Hannity tonight and said she could not imagine that this same term was really the President of the United States, indicating a behind-the-scenes speculation.

That term was TOTUS. What is TOTUS you ask? Well, it is believed in the right wing conspiracy circles that TOTUS is the real POTUS. POTUS stands for President Of The United States and TOTUS stands for something rather curious. TOTUS or Teleprompter Of The United States is suspected of really running the show.

Congratulations goes out to Barack Obama's Teleprompter's Blog for hitting it big.

Video of what happens when TOTUS leaves POTUS to handle things on his own: (warning-there is a bad word or two in the language describing the video)

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