16 April 2009

Tax Day Tea Parties Held Yesterday

The Tax Day Tea Parties ran cool, calm and collected. Thousands gathered to express their disgust with the way our out of control government is operating. The grassroots campaign was an incredible show of interest from a previously silent group of citizens. It was not an organizing of hoodlums, idiots or nut jobs hell bent on causing a ruckus.

It was, however, a message. Clearly, it is a message that should not be ignored. Clearly,it is a message that must not be lost or forgotten.

The radicals have been attacking this movement. Referring to it in a derogatory manner and associating it with a degrading sexual act. Of course anything or anyone that opposes their agenda is subject to these types of attacks. The radical thinks he or she is funny. They run with one common theme, to wage personal denigration at those that oppose their radical ideals.

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