25 April 2009

Democrats Come Out Of The Closet On Cap And Trade

In the land of liberal misconception, Democrats were sent from the heavens to battle the evil Republicans from destroying the planet. In reality, this mythological fable is as far from the truth as it gets. Finally, the wolf takes off the sheep skin and reveals what he really is.

Rational thought would dictate that cap and trade is only a mask to hiding the real agenda. It is a tax. A really big one.

This tax does little to help the planet, although being lauded as our savior. If the U.S. enforces limiting carbon emissions, is it really going to do any good if other countries are not following suit? Actually, what this situation will create is the need for businesses to buy carbon credits in order to survive. Those carbon credits will come from a black market. That black market will, inevitably, become a fund for corruption and terroristic activity.

Democrat calls it what it is:

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