17 April 2009

Big Government and Elite Media Lies About Guns

There is no doubt that the Mexican drug violence is out of control and something needs to be done and done yesterday. Both the government and the media are on a crusade to misconstrue facts in order to persuade citizens into joining their quest. They have put the word out on what is causing the problem. Although, you just might have to read into what you are reading. Imagine that.

That word, completely false in every context, is that our Second Amendment is the problem. Specifically, they are reporting that the guns are coming from here. The media is reporting that 90% of the guns confiscated in Mexico have been traced back to the U.S. The truth is that 90% of the 17% of traceable guns confiscated were linked back to the U.S. The remainder of the guns have foreign markings and are most likely from Mexican military defectors and China. In other words, 15.3% of the guns in Mexico have been traced back to the United States and 84.7% came from somewhere other than the U.S.

This blatant misstatement of the facts is geared towards one thing: The calculated attack on our freedom. It does not matter if you are for or against guns. It does not matter if you think people should have guns. It does not matter what your position is on guns. There is a simple matter of fact involved here. It is our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Any infringement on one Constitutional right, is a step in the direction of infringing on all Constitutional rights.


A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.


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