24 April 2009

A New Era Of Responsibility

The 2008 BCS National Championship Florida Gator football team was called to more service off the field recently.

Video of Tim Tebow (like he needs to anyone to tell him he needs to do more):

It is the dawn of a new day. It is an era of responsibility bestowed upon us like nothing we ever seen. Accept your calling and do your part to make the World a better place.

The speculation since the campaign is that the wording around Obama's service comments have had underlying meanings. After all, there is no such thing as involuntarily volunteering. It is, in fact, involuntary servitude.

It is not enough that the Florida Gator football team worked hard and made great sacrifices to achieve a National Championship. It is not enough that the quarterback spends his Spring Break and vacations, not in Cancun, but as a missionary in the Philippines. Instead, President Obama took the time to (biased left wing media reports it as jokingly) throw in a remark that the team needed to do more off the field.

Obama jokes to gators that their service doesn't end on the field:


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