27 April 2009

The Mean Team

TheDailySoupSandwich officially declares Obama Administration The Mean Team.

You heard it here first...the Obama Administration and its radical allies are now officially coined The Mean Team. The daily soup sandwich of an operation has officially earned this credit. Their apparent lack of ability to say anything nice about anyone they disagree with, take credit for any mistake they make and need to bash the former administration is why they have been delegated this term.

In honor of the rising unemployment rates, there is now a government employment requisition for a costume seamstress.

The Mean Team Starting Line Up:
P-Barack "The Chosen One" Obama
C-David "Could I Hate Republicans Anymore" Axelrod
1B-Robert "Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh" Gibbs
2B-Janet "The Gorilla" Napolitano
3B-Tim "I Can't Seem To Figure Out TurboTax" Geithner
SS-Hillary "I Am The Real Chosen One" Clinton
LF-George "Rich People Are Evil (Except Me)" Soros
CF-Rahm "Rambo Ain't Got @#$% On Me" Emanuel
RF-Nancy "The Screaming Liberal Nazi" Pelosi
DH-A.C.O.R.N. (no nickname needed)
AltOF-move "All That Oppose Our Crazy Ideas Must Perish" on.org
Alt C-Barney "There's Nothing Wrong With The Housing Market" Frank

P - Pitcher
C - Catcher
1B - First baseman
2B - Second baseman
3B - Third baseman
SS - Shortstop
LF - Left fielder
CF - Center fielder
RF - Right Fielder
DH - Designated hitter

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