28 April 2009

Number 44 Batting 100

The 44th President Of The United States, Barack Obama will hit the milestone of 100 days in office tomorrow. No doubt, he will be celebrating with Wagyu beef, Cuban cigars and, of course, an infomercial.

In the spirit of our new entitlement society, TheDailySoupSandwich would like to thank POTUS (President Of The United States for those of you who live underground) for participating in this pasttime. In this great new world, there is no last place. There are no grades of "F". There are only pats on the back, despite how you perform. Of course, there are two different ways to look at how Obama did through this trying time.

You could say that he played a good game on his way to the 100 day mark. He remained popular and deserves praise. He finished second, only to the great Bill Clinton. Heck, liberals will take that any day.

Or, you could call it like it is and say that his 56% for the month of April is the second lowest approval rating since the 100 day polling began in 1969. That means he struck out against such pitchers as "The Evil W.", "The Peanut Farmer" and "Tricky Dick". In other words, Obama is less liked and considered to be worse than every other President except Clinton at this inning of the game.

Good job! Keep up the good work!

Thanks to The Washington Times for keeping it real. Click here for the story.

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