16 April 2009

CNN Reporter Disgraces Journalism Profession

CNN correspondent Susan Roesgen shows why CNN and the biased media outlets are a dying breed. Once again, they just do not get it. Average Americans are sick and tired of the lack of truth and the misrepresentations by the media. They are making this clear by not watching and not buying publications from these outlets. Why the biased media refuses to listen is beyond any rational thought. Maybe it is because they expect a bailout as their inevitable futures of bankruptcy loom.

Let's be real here. Editorials are editorials, they are not the news. That is exactly what biased media does not get. The justification of violating journalistic ethics to promote an agenda is an absolute disgrace.

Susan Roesgen should be fired. Her actions were an embarrassment to the journalism profession. Her lack of composure and inherent inability to pursue a story without an agenda warrants a boycott of this type of unprofessionalism. Citizens want the whole story, not half truths and not biased opinions.

If you have not seen the video, you can watch it on YouTube (this is the version that includes what CNN didn't want you to see) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6xWGvdRQ9Q


  1. Update 4/20/09-
    CNN tried to stop YouTube from playing the video. It was temporarily suspended but seems to fall under fair use and is now back up. Nice try CNN. Just another nail in your coffin.

  2. Update 4/26/09-
    CNN took it to another level with its immature and disrespectful references to the tea parties. The FCC may be about to formally investigate them for it...


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