15 April 2009


TheDailySoupSandwich would like to welcome you to its site. We are dedicated to providing you with in depth perspectives and commentary from the right point of view. TheDailySoupSandwich blog has been developed in order to counter what the biased media conveniently omits from its stories.

TheDailySoupSandwich does your homework for you. The news, these days, conveniently leaves out an entire perspective. We are here to call them out and insert the facts back into the real stories. The media is out of control and we point to whatever soup sandwiches we find.

In other words...We are mad as hell and we ain't gonna take it anymore!

Wondering what the heck a Soup Sandwich is? It's a military term, primarily used in basic training, to describe someone or something that is a total disaster or mess. For example: Jones can't seem to square his locker away. He is as messed up as a soup sandwich. In other words, take two slices of bread and pour soup over them. Pick it up and try to eat it. Get the picture?

Once again, welcome and please join us in the liberation of truth from the depths of tyrannical oppression.

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