17 April 2009

Racist Janeane Garofalo Rears Her Ugly Head

When you do not have a valid reason to support your ideals, it is best to just call someone a racist. Right? Liberals have perfected this art and have been honing the craft for years now. Actor Janeane Garofalo shows us why the Democratic Party has been hijacked by radical liberals.

Janeane Garofalo called the Tea Party attendees "racist" and "tea bagging rednecks" yesterday while appearing on an unwatched, failure of a network (msnbc). She personifies why Hollywood Elitists are out of touch with America and why no one really listens to what they have to say.

Garofalo is a racist herself. That is the reality here. She classified an entire group of people as racist and redneck. She did this without talking to a single one of them. She did this without attending an actual Tea Party nor taking the time to find out what they were about. She did this with prejudice, with unwarranted judgement and with preconceived notions towards an entire group of people. Do you know what that makes someone? A racist.

By the way, the Tea Parties were attended by people of all races, backgrounds and political affiliations. That makes Garofalo TheDailySoupSandwich.

Decide for yourself and watch the video on YouTube.

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