25 April 2009

Fair Versus Free Shenanigans

Politicians have carefully worded everything they say since the dawn of time. It is nothing new and nothing that is a surprise. The strange thing is that ordinary people seem to forget this and buy into the rhetoric.

The ultimate politician is guilty of this to a T. It is very easy to point out and identify. Some feel Obama is suffering Bushism disease with his stuttering and uh, uh, uhs. It is quite the contrary. This is a smart, well spoken guy who delivers an amazing speech. So, what is going on?

It is simple. He is obviously searching for the word he thinks we want to hear versus the word that is on the tip of his tongue. Freudian Slip? Maybe. He has been caught with a few slip ups that reveal his true thoughts.

Why people are buying this is what is amazing. Has everyone not learned the easiest way to tell when a politician is lying? Their lips are moving.

Besides the stuttering, there is also the lack of content and the deliberate action of not answering a question. After all, it is not lying if you just don't answer the question. He should be judged on what he says. He should also be watched carefully for what he does not say.

Former President Clinton was the master of using trick words. President Obama seems to be a good student of this philosophy as well. One example is the use of the term fair versus using free.

It is no secret that Obama favors a more socialistic approach to the government. Remember when he told Joe the Plumber that he thinks we ought to spread the wealth around? Since taking office, he has already taken control of the banks, the car industry, the credit card companies and is working on health care. After all, that is fair. Right? Fair market means that he thinks the government should intervene to level the playing field whenever he sees fit. Free market means that businesses compete and duke it out with winners and losers. When Obama says fair, realize that he does not say free.

Obama telling working folks how it is:

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