27 April 2009

Be Kind, Rewind

That gosh darn teleprompter struck again. Technology backfired on the most technologically advanced President in history. Like most Americans, the President has become too reliant on these advances of modern wonder. What ever happened to 3x5 note cards anyway?

TheDailySoupSandwich has uncovered the Obama stuttering problem. It could actually be a result of textspeak. He has evolved into a world of texting which does not include normal human conversation. The transition between the two may be causing the issue.

Funny stuff: About That Speech

The incriminating video:

Note: the video is missing the start of the speech which TheDailySoupSandwich feels is the most important part. Obama is thanking people there. He is casually thanking a John, does not give the last name and then transitions into speech mode. The teleprompter, or Obama, obviously jumped ahead. What was so amazing was how he started delivering his signature speech style immediately after he said the name John.

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